“Services unit focuses on your success criteria, expectations, requirements and corporate values for the creation of an innovative, fit-to-purpose, budget friendly solutions for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and BT (Building Technologies).”

One of the biggest challenges in Today’s world, is the fast evolution of the technology, which is mostly miss-guiding the main contractors, investors and end-users at design, procurement and operation phases. We, as CDC/MWave, spend enough time to understand the expectations of the clients, tail the solutions and assist to build-up the expected outcome within the given timeline and budget.

From our point of view, market-lead project life cycle has 4 four main milestones: Start-up, Design, Deploy and Manage; However CDC/MWave, has developed an alternate model to strengthen the quality of the proposed services by assuring the success of project outcome(s) and certainly maintain it at the desired level.  

The professional services on offer start at the early stages of the project during the “brainstorming of the overall concept” and progress inline with the project milestones.

The experienced and certified team of our company deliver visioning, training, concept creation, design development, tender supervision, project management, test and commissioning services within the norms defined international and/or local design standards and guidelines.

Quality Assurance Methods:

We apply International Quality Standards which is periodically audited by independent organizations. This is how we achieve to be an ecosystem partner of different vendors and organization.

As CDC/MWave offers professional services for ISO27001, CoBit, ITIL standardizations for the organization, we always adapt the applicable standards into our organization.

We also adapt itself to any preferred project based standard to ensure that Quality is managed effectively throughout the project and assure;
- that the project will meet the project targets,
- that the project is being managed, developed, and deployed in a structured way,
- that the project's deliverables are of acceptable quality,
- that the deliverables are in line with the project stakeholders’ expectation.

Basically to achieve the two main principles of Quality Assurance

‘Fit to purpose’   
‘Right first time’

we always perform internal auditing to check the employees’ attributes, performances plus the deliverable quality level.

IT System designs are compliant with BICSI and international design standards:

  • BICSCI Telecommunication Distribution Methods Network Design Reference
  • EIA/TIA-568-B Commercial Building Standards for Telecommunication Pathway and Spaces
  • EIA/TIA-607-A Bonding and Grounding For Telecommunication
  • EIA/TIA-942 Data Center Standards
  • IEC/TIA-607.94 Fiber Optic Cable
  • IEEE 802.2/3 Telecommunication and Information Exchange Between Systems
  • IEEE 802.11x Wireless Network Standards

Qualificative Statements:

CDC/MWave team consists of senior experts and consultants for each individual ICT discipline. All are certified due to its vertical specialization varying from CCIE to MCSP, Physical Security Expert to Public Address Specialist, PMP to ITIL.

Scope of professional services includes the execution of the works for the systems named below:

  • Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)
    • Cabling and Containment
  • Information Transport System (IT)
    • Local Area Network
    • Voice/Telephony Network
    • Wide Area Network and Internet
    • Wireless Network
    • Wired and Wireless Telephony System (PBX and Telephones)
    • CATV/MATV/IPTV and Digital Signage
    • Video Conferencing Systems
    • Centralized Clock and Synchronization System
  • Equipment Room and Data Center Systems
    • Electrical and Mechanical Infrastructure
    • Environmental Control Systems
    • Passive Network Components
    • Server, Storage and Virtualized Platforms
  • Building Management System (BMS)
    • Heating Ventilation Air Condition Automation
    • Energy Management
    • Lighting Automation
  • Electronic Physical Security Systems
    • Access Control System
    • CCTV System
    • Intruder Prevention System
    • Public Address System
  • Professional Audio, Video and Conference Room Systems
  • Security Control Rooms and Dispatcher Centers
    • Video Wall Solutions
  • System Integration